Sunday, May 21, 2006

White Hill Memories

Boysadear but this internet is a wonderful thing altogether. I've been hoking through it just now and have come up with something I believe the likes of Vancouver Brother, Joe Bro and the Kerry and Leitrim Sisters might find interesting.

Knowing that Sammy had a great passion for the GAA and traditional music I thought I'd see what I could find and in a matter of moments I'd found this.

And then this

That's Sammy on the left. I see his two youngest sons there too. By the look of them I'd say that photograph was taken around 79/80. Anybody know who the other two lads are?

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ganching said...

Gosh there were some cool guys who hung around the White Hill in the olden days!
I'm sure they didn't come from Randalstown(!).