Wednesday, May 18, 2005


My father was moved back to Randalstown yesterday. The move was hard on him and last night he took a turn for the worse.

My two brothers and I sat with him throughout the night.

It was good to witness the tenderness those two men showed towards our father.

Eventually Daddy settled and we spent the night in quiet conversation.

I have learned (from Vancouver brother) the significance of the recent bid to take over Manchester United and all that it implies for British football. I look forward to impressing Bert and his friends with some pithy insights. Thanks Eamon.

I have learned (from Younger brother) the ins and outs of the bouncing game. When asked if he did it for (a) the money, (b) to score women or (c) kick ass he answered 'At various times all three of those.' He also said it's not about muscle or brute force 'It's all in the head Nelly'. I shall apply that lesson to my own occupation. Thanks Joe.

I also learned about the power the Rosary has to calm and pacify an ill man to a peaceful sleep. Even when that prayer is being said by a family who last said it together around 1969.

We're all in County Antrim now. All seven of us.


Anonymous said...

It is all in the head, or a wee runt like meself wouldn't be able to do it.

Thoughts and prayers are with you all, again.


M&Co. said...

Peace be with you.

Nelly said...

Thanks for that.

Two things - I can feel the good effects of all those prayers that everyone is saying.

Ed - you're not a runt.

anyresemblance said...

Nelly, thinking about you all. Can you tell AB that I have lost martha's number but if she emails me, i will call if she wants to talk. thanks

Nelly said...

Will do that today anyresemblance.