Thursday, May 19, 2005

Clearing My Head

Zoe reckons that clearing the roof space of years of accumulated junk will correspond to a clearing of my head. It had to be done anyways as we're selling the house. So that sweet girl came round this evening to help me with this task.

The amount of clothes and textiles both tat and vintage that we junked was unbelievable. At a rough guess it would probably have made at least £500 on Ebay. But who has got time for that? Not us. Instead we deposited a van load of it in a charity recycling bin in the village. I've lots for a bonfire and Ploppy Pants has requested some boxfuls of 'dacent stuff'' for his lodge's auction. He says he'll make a point of telling the brothers that they're receiving donations from the Catholics. If only Gerry and Ian could work together the way we do.

So now I've got an empty attic and it feels great.

Daddy is very comfortable this evening. He is still weak, still tired and still hardly eating. He received the last rites of the Catholic Church this afternoon. It appears to have done him some good.

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