Saturday, May 28, 2005

Happy Birthday Bert & Kylie

line dancer
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Happy Birthday Bert - Love you to pieces and thanks for everything.

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And it's also Happy Birthday to one of Bert's heroines - Miss Kylie Minogue. All the best to Kylie - hope you get well soon.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday bert!!!!!!!!!!!
I hope your taking a break from the dreen rat race for one day and putting your feet up for a change! I'll give a bell tommorrow - have a good one tonight!
incidently, those are some boots - i'll have em if you wont!
you too miss minogue . . .
mikeyboy x x

Anonymous said...

Hold on a second! How come it's Saturday, Bert's Birthday, in Cullybackey and Friday in Ballymena? Am I missing something? Is it a trick?

As it is still Friday here in Ballymena - Happy Birthday for Tomorrow Bertram. Love from Zoe

Nelly said...

Just a technical hitch. I thought if I dated my post for tomorrow it wouldn't appear until tomorrow, But better early than late - that's today's motto. And history will vindicate me.

Anonymous said...

happy happy birthday to bert the dancing cowboy! i posted your present on friday so i fear you won't receive it until monday but it will be like having a birthday again as ther are persents to open. Have a lovely day and lots of love to Mary,
Mel. xxx xx

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, old dude. All I know about you is no doubt the truths as told by Nelly.

And as *today* is you birthday, for I believe Zoe, and I wouldn't want to upset the obvious time-zone freakery that goes on betwixt Ballymena and the 'backey.

Nelly said...

Truths about Bert

He is handsome
He is pretty
He is the beau of Cully 'city'

He has a magnetic personality
Plays a mean tin whistle
Good to his mother
Likes poetry
H**g like a d****y

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Bertram,i dont know wot day it is in cully but in leek its sat 28th so definitely yr birthday. if yr present hasn't arrived yet then you'll get it monday im sure. hope yr havin a nice day and that you got some lovely tablecloths off Pearlie Blue

hannah xxx

Anonymous said...

To all from Bert

I'm sitting here stuffing myself with sweeties as happy as Larry and you know what a happy boy he is. Clint and me listened to the CDs and thought it was a great choice of music. Thanks goes without saying.

Pearlie just give me a card and fifty quid. Thanks to you all for your messages.


Anonymous said...

Happy late birthday bertie. I hope you got your card and have a suitable sore head from a good night