Tuesday, May 03, 2005

For Sale

For Sale Sign
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At quarter past four I was sitting here reading the Portadown News when Bert showed a potential buyer into the room. That felt strange but I live to tell the tale.

This house selling process is very odd. It does not feel like our place anymore. It feels like a self-catering holiday house where I am the maid.

We've had eight viewers so far and according to the estate agent (Arthur Daley) there have been several enquiries about offers. So far none have taken the plunge.

But that very pleasant man that has just been seems keen. He is a lot more interested in the land than the house which is good. Although the house is sound it's plain and a bit shabby. This potential buyer brought his wellies and had a good tramp around. Afterwards he asked some very land-savvy questions - a good sign.

Another couple are coming this evening for a second look. Bert said first time around they arrived in an open top Porsche. I think I'll go visit with Bert's mum when they're due. We'll watch Emmerdale together - or something. Meanwhile Katy and Mark are in the Grouse drinking. They'd better be well-behaved when they get back - at least until the Porsche driving couple are off the premises.

Today I hoovered upstairs and got enough dog hair to stuff a mattress.


Anonymous said...

Thats your mistake right there - what we do is hoover the dog. I'd like to think if i ever buy a house (especially one surrounded by green like yours) i'd pay equal if not more attention to the land, as Mark Twain said, you know, that quote about there not being any land no more - so you should buy it. anyway, i hope the well-intended intruders dont piss you off too much, and someone with lotsa money takes a shine to the dreen. take care

Nelly said...

I think we'll be getting two offers after today. The Porsche couple have got two lovely kids - this place deserves kids and kids deserve this place. On the other hand the retired gentleman in wellies might make a good neighbour. We'll see.

I don't think I could get the dogs to accept being hoovered. Their current Pavlovian response to me even looking at it is to take a mad rush at the cat.

Anonymous said...

Any activity that causes dogs to torment cats is to be encouraged. Has Tom and Jerry taught you naught?


Nelly said...

Never fear - our dogs are trained to sic the cat. The command 'siss' has them on it straight away. Unfortunately our cat is mega-tough and enjoys the crack. He actually taunts the dogs to chase him around the house. It's shite when he takes the notion of it at 2am when we're all asleep.