Monday, May 23, 2005

Soon This Will Not Be Ours

Soon This Will Not Be Ours
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It occurred to me on returning home one day last week that this lane and my daily journeys up and down it will soon be in the past.

When the lane was built our old dog Danny got stuck in the concrete which was very funny. He got rescued from that one but his paw prints are in there somewhere.

Rosie dog loves to get out of the car at the bottom and race me up it. She can top 30mph sometimes. She won't be able to do that any more.

Nor will I be able to watch the trees that Bert planted grow big.


Lost Identity said...

Moving is bitter sweet. Just think of all the new sweet things that you'll enjoy at your new place! :-)

Nelly said...

That is what I'll be trying to do.

Anonymous said...

lost identity's right - theres probably equal goods and bads with moving. My folks moved house just after i left for uni, as a result my home doesn't really feel like such. However, i reckon you could prehapps be one of those folks that takes there dogs for morning shites up your old lane? Or even covert midnighht shites?
Glad things are looking a bit steadier for you and your dad, take care nelly.
mikeyboy x x