Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Healthy Living

Mark was enquiring recently how my healthy lifestyle plan was progressing so I thought I'd update you all on this as I may have been a little bit evasive in my answer.

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Wee Sweetie Mice

Woke up this morning at a quarter to eight
And said to myself 'I hate to lie late'
Then changed the alarm to a quarter to nine
Told myself another hour'd do me right fine

At breakfast I said 'It's porridge for me,
It's healthy and filling and practically free'
But then I considered that this might be nice
Croissants and coffee and wee sweetie mice

After breakfast I thought I'd go for a stroll
For the sugar and croissants were taking their toll
And what better thing than walking the dogs
Except spending all morning reading your blogs

At lunch I feasted on lettuce and eggs
And then thought I really must stretch my legs
So I planned to head out for a bit of a run
Then it started to rain and I ate an iced bun

At dinner I dined on a healthy baked spud
And virtuously refused the offer of pud
And stuck to my plan to fast after nine
Except for a bottle of really nice wine


Lost Identity said...

Love it.

Nelly said...

Thanks. As you might imagine I'm looking pretty 'swell' on it.

Anonymous said...

tee hee hee! not just a pretty face nelly
mikeyboy x

Nelly said...

Shucks Mikey - sure it's only a bit of doggerel - but a talent none the less (she smirked)

Anonymous said...

Nelly wot would bertram like for his birthday?


Nelly said...

A good malt or a Gillian Welch CD.
Actually that's what Nelly wants but he'll want it too.

Anonymous said...

...but he'll want it too.

If he knows what's good for him?



Nelly said...

He got a bottle of Glenlivet (from Dee Mac) today. He says it won't last until his birthday - on Saturday! The stress of house selling is unbelievable. Not to mention having to live with me.