Monday, May 02, 2005

Nothing Much To Say


Katy and Mark are here for a week

My mother, her two youngest daughters and her youngest sister have gone to Lourdes for five days leaving youngest bro and myself in charge of the visiting schedule for Daddy...

who is still in hospital but is comfortable...

whatever that means. He hasn't eaten anything for six days but doesn't seem hungry.

And lots of people have visited our house. No offers have been made yet.

And I am feeling deeply stressed with lots of strange and unpleasant physical symptoms...

Which is why I have taken time off work..

and I am thinking very hard about not working in the caring field any more.

Because I feel I don't have enough caring inside me to go around.

I know the name of this place I live in now.

It is called Limbo.

I'd rather be at home.


Anonymous said...

You,ve got alot on your mind Nelly, and alot going on in your life too by the sounds of it. I think you should put everything to one side for a bit and treat yourself. take care of yourself,

Lost Identity said...

I agree with mikeyboy.
If you can take a step back from yourself and list all the responsibilities and stresses that you are currently under, you will find the list long. You need a break--maybe even cross some of them off your list.
Perhaps a few days off doing just what you enjoy doing would help.

Nelly said...

Harvey Keitel said that what gets him through is concentrating on the doughnut - not the hole. That's what I'm going to do.

Anonymous said...

i like the doughnut analogy - it makes sense though. Any wonder you feel in limbo as well with everything thats going on. maybe you can look on the move as a completely fresh beginning - maybe even a new job to complement the process! You have a great way words - i think you should write a book. or maybe you could be an on-line life coach and then you could work from home!
miss and love you both lots,

Nelly said...

That's a good idea Mels - especially the bit about getting a new job. Hope you are well on the way to getting that First. Lots of love coming to you from both of us.

Anonymous said...

I won't see you tomorrow cos I'm sloping off in the morning when MJ gets in (I'm going to fake a migraine) but I will give you a ring tomorrow night. We can talk about handbags, designer labels and slutty celebs with cellulite. I hate to be selfish (well, I don't HATE it but you know what I mean) but please don't leave me here with the 20+ stoners!
Kisses from me

Nelly said...

Are the big weemin annoying you Trude? Does She Who Must Be Obeyed/Avoided know that I'm taking Thursday off as TOIL? She isn't answering her phone y'know.