Friday, January 05, 2018

Jumping Judy

Judy went back to see Kim today for a check-up and she's doing well. Her form has improved so the medication is working for her. I thought she'd be anxious when we drove into the car park but not a bit of her. Padded in ready to be friends with everyone. And delighted to see Kim again - even licked her face.

Time passes quickly for dogs. It seems no time since Judy was this small.

That's the first day we brought her home. Before she got into her jumping stride.

The following pictures are stills from a video. Judging by the size of Miss Martha Judy must have been under two years old. Her prime. Those jumping days are over now.

Martha was amazed!

Many dog years later lying around on damp grass chewing sticks. No wonder her joints are sore.


Mage said...

What a great old now?

Nelly said...

She will be eight this summer. I'm sad that old age symptoms have begun so soon for her.

Brig said...

She's a beauty.

Nelly said...

She stil
l is Brig. The medication has given her a new lease of life. as Bert says, "There is still plenty of sport in her yet."

triciad said...

jointaid...honestly miraculous effects for my 13 year old.Such an improvement after a month I started the younger ones on it too.