Saturday, December 10, 2005

Any Word of Christmas?

Christmas Presents: None received. A half-dozen or so have been bought but have not yet been matched with recipients.

Christmas Cards: None received. None sent. None will be sent.

Christmas Tree: As usual a proper fir tree will be purchased.

Christmas Decorations: None apart from the tree.

Christmas Work Do: I didn’t go to this for fear of in vino veritas. Also I despise cabaret. God knows what I’d have ended up saying or doing. And that crowd of cute hoors I work with have had too much in the way of drugs training for anyone to get away with alternative stimulants.

Christmas Bonus: Gratefully received. I bought pears and parsnips with mine. Ooh Mr Founder you are spoiling us!

Christmas Dinner: I’m looking forward to this. All my girls will be there. And two of their partners. Sadly Jazzthefunk cannot join us until after Christmas.

Christmas Turkey: Got to be a big one.

Christmas Pudding: Undecided on this. We much prefer Zoë’s amazing Chocolate Guinness Cake.

Christmas Drink: Oh yes

Christmas Party: Boxing Day

All this and I’m working on Christmas Eve from 3pm right through to Christmas Day 3:30pm. Sure it’s a dirty oul job but somebody’s got to do it…..


Zoe said...

Hint noted - pudding to be provided! Might go for a chocolate yule log, or something like that. Maybe something light as it will be my second dinner of the day! Like a wafer thin mint.

Nelly said...

If it's mints I want a fat one! Some of us only get one Christmas dinner y'know.