Wednesday, December 21, 2005

A Christmas Quiz

Welcome to my Christmas Quiz. It takes the form of a multiple choice. There is just one prize - a magnificent 15 foot Christmas tree* from Nelly's Garden.

He hails from -

a. Rasharkin b. Rostrevor c. Randalstown

He likes -

a. Bono b. Jeremy Clarkson c. David Blunkett

He is -

a. 20 something b. 30 something c. over 40

He used to be -

a. a rent boy b. an altar boy c. a lady boy

He often walks through -

a. The Kalahari Desert b. The Mountains of Mourne c. The Streets of Baltimore

Whilst walking there he once encountered -

a. a leprechaun b. a flesh-eating zombie c. a lizardy thing

Then he -

a. slew it with a sword b. asked it to marry him c. wet his pants

He works -

a. in Starbucks b. for the Council c. in a top secret government research bunker

His favourite hobby is -

a. sleeping b. demolishing sheds c. sorting out his inland revenue payments

He grows excellent -

a. clematis b. cannabis c. carnations

He drives -

a. a Ford 4000 b. Nelly mad c. a Mercedes Benz

He plays -

a. the bagpipes b. the banjo c. the tin whistle

He calls his car -

a. Catalina b. Caitlin c. Catriona

His car is -

a. yellow b. orange c. tangerine

He knows a lot about -

a. thermal underwear b. thermodynamics c. thermaphrodites

He is often seen wearing -

a. sandals and socks b. black converse all-stars c. patent leather slip-ons

* Collection only. Decorations or lights not supplied..


ed said...

There was much raisage of eyebrow at the chosen picture there...

And how did you know about my lady boy past? Huh?

Nelly said...

I chose namesakes as I couldn't get a picture of Stray Toaster that he'd deem gorgeous enough. As for yours Mr Ed was a *talking horse.*

Nelly said...

Oh aye. Lady boy past. Obvious really when you recently confessed to an interest in women's knickers.

ed said...

I confess nothing.

Beowulf said...

Ed: Randalstown, Jeremy Clarkson, 20 something, an altar boy.

Beowulf: The Mountains of Mourne, a lizardy thing, wet his pants, "in a top
secret government research bunker".

Bert: demolishing sheds, clematis, Nelly mad, the banjo.

Marc: Caitlin, orange, thermal underwear , patent leather slip-ons


ed said...

Ed: Randalstown, Sir Jeremy of Clarkson, 20something, an altar boy.

Beowulf: The Mountains of Mourne, a lizardy thing, wet his pants, in a top secret government research bunker

Bert: demolishing sheds, clematis, a Mercedes Benz, the tin whistle

Marc: Caitlin, orange, thermodynamics, converse

I was torn between b&c for Bert's first question. As we all know, he does love the revenoo.

Nelly said...

I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Nelly said...

....and The Talking Horse wins with 15 out of a possible 16. Bert's favourite hobby is actually sleeping.

The Dragon Slayer is the runner-up with 11 out of 16.

As The Rocking Elf did not enter the quiz, nor into any dispute about the colour of his ride it will stand as orange, at least in Cullybackey, where orange is one of our favourite shades.

Mr Bolan said...

Hmm, I *did* enter it, and it even told me it was posted successfully. Alas, I don't think I would have beaten everyone's favourite Randalstown blogger.

You know, I bet the submission is still on my machine at home. I shall take a screenshot to prove it. How very odd.

Ah well.

Have a fantastic Christmas, and keep the weekend of the 11th Feb next year free!

ed said...

[strides/gallops onto stage, with We Are The Champions as accompaniment]

This, THIS, is for all those who didn't believe that I would amount to anything. For all you doubters, all you haters, all you right wing wankers and arse-lickers, I DID IT ANYWAY!

Nelly, I thank you for this excellent opportunity to show what success I have achieved.

Oh, and Merry Christmas.

Nelly said...

The question is this Marc. Did you bate him at the quiz?

Congrats Ed. Do you want the tree or shall I donate it to an orphanage? Or wait until it's 30 foot and donate it to Ken? For Lahndan.

ed said...

The donating it to Ken option is tempting. Especially if I can choose the placement of the tree, post-donation.

Aside: "Enema for Livingstone!"

Nelly said...

That made me do that laugh-out-loud thing. I immediately got a picture of you racing towards Ken with the sharp end of a Christmas tree heading straight for his hole. Bert is a dab-hand with the chain saw (he so macho when he not sleeping) and he could shape the business end of it for you. But... you will need a couple of nimble footed chappies to help you with the run up. Any ideas who'd be keen?

ed said...

I could think of a couple... I think Chez would be up for it, since he's about 20 stone and built like a brick shithouse. And I think mwk might be persuadable.

Nelly said...

So now all we have to do is wair for the tree to grow another 15 foot.