Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Demolition Man

This is Bert taking care of the numero uno 'thing to do' on the Nellybert Christmas list. Well it is an eyesore and he tells me he needs the old stone to build a circular wall around his da's palm tree to keep it from falling over in the first severe frost. Yes we do have palm trees in Cullybackey. Tough ones.

I missed the best picture. I heard an almighty crash and ran outside expecting to find Bert mangled under a pile of rusting corrugated iron. Instead I found him gleefully surveying the dismantled roof. He said,

"Pulled it down with the van."

"You should have called me. I'd have liked to have seen that. And get a photo."

"Didn't know it would come down quite so spectacularly. Anyway I was worried I'd only trail my back bumper off and I didn't want you to take a photo of that."

Suppose he's right. But it was a missed photo opportunity.


Adam said...

He really is a maniac (or should I say idiot?)

ed said...

Adam: are you mad? The ma is clearly a genius! If he was anything but, then we'd have photographic proof of it, and we only have images of him performing necessary tasks and enjoyng himself. Clearly a genius.

Nelly said...

There was once this university student called Duncan who pined for a white van and Bert's lifestyle. But he chose the wrong path. He's a primary school teacher now.

Anonymous said...

genius - wish i had been there to witness sacrifice of the palm tree.
xx x

Nelly said...

Mel - the palm tree lives. Sammy 'Gorgeous' gage skilfully carved an oval of earth around it so that it would be preserved after the house renovations. That earthen oval now needs a wall to shore it up. It is the turf shed (odious carbuncle) that is to be sacrificed.

So looking forward to seeing you over the holidays.