Friday, December 02, 2005


Hannah and I were watching this tribute programe tonight on George Best. Being in her early 20s and totally uninterested in football Hannah only knew George Best as a famous alcoholic and Calum's dad. Sure he has been famous for his drinking for a lot longer now than he was famous for football. But being just a bit younger than George I can well remember his glory days and how proud we Norn Ironers were to have the Best (in every sense) footballer hail from our part of the world. George, like Alex Higgins and Van Morrison (working class protestants all) are our Belfast Boys made good, our fellow countrymen who transcended all sectarian barriers and made us all proud of their achievements.

But last word to Hannah.

Ma! Calum's not a patch on his da, is he?

I could only agree.

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Anonymous said...

footballs never interested me, and like hannah i've known that Best was a great footballer, but i've only ever seen the alcoholic side of him. only now am i learning. maybe if peoples fantastic acievements are forgotten as soon as their past it, they wouldn't have to turn to alcohol.

mikey x