Sunday, December 18, 2005

Look At The Sneaks Of Them

Those were very strange people we dined with last night. How about this for a new way of amusing oneself during the boring old grocery shop? Jazzer and Miss Banjo have a competition to see who can place the most unsuitable shopping items into other people’s shopping trolleys. So if you’re shopping in Antrim’s Tesco and you discover something strange in your trolley look around you and somewhere near there’ll be two daft blondes giggling themselves silly. It is just as well that Antrim’s Tesco does not carry the new range of ‘Sex Toys’ that I’ve been reading about or there’d be some very embarrassed people at the checkout.

But at least Jazzer makes excellent roast potatoes so she cannot be all bad.

1 comment:

Hageltoast said...

LMAO!!! sounds like a plan to me. Watch out Leicester shoppers. ;)