Thursday, December 15, 2005

Such A Shame About Bianca

Bernie and Bianca Bantam are no more. Bernie is now a singleton for it seems that Foxy has taken poor Bianca. And Bernie is a sad solitary bird these past two days.

And such a shame about my eye tooth. Wrenched from my jaw in a marathon two hour session at the dentist this evening. Old age is a terrible thing.

And such a shame about my old age. If you'd told me ten or fifteen years ago that two very handsome young men (one the spit of Ewan McGregor) could be sitting at one end of the house, with only Hannah, Bert and Ploppy Pants for company, while I sit here at the other tapping out this blog I don't think I'd have believed you. I'm so immune to 'all you pretty things' these days.

And you know they are making a very lovely noise with their geetars and their sweet songs so I might just venture over there. Ploppy Pants is raging. These Thursday music nights are not just as bluegrassy as he'd like them to be. It's all Hannah's fault.

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