Saturday, May 09, 2015

Garden Show Ireland and a Stranger in the Dyke

Zoe, the girls and Granny went to Garden Show Ireland at the Castle Grounds in Antrim. I went last year on my own and enjoyed it very much. However it is far better with company. I did not buy a single plant, just took photographs. The truth is, I don't even have enough room for the plants I already have. My new rule will be - no new perennials unless there is an area of the garden already prepared for planting.
Beautiful aquilegia

Gorgeous iris

 At one of the show gardens where Evie kept trying to sit on the hedge

Zoe and Evie

There was so much for children to do there. The girls had a cookery session and a kite making workshop. There were swings, slides, golf, climbing and a chill out area. That last was bliss. Mood lighting, air conditioning and an episode of Bill & Ben The Flowerpot Men. It was close to being my best bit. Evie's worst bit was getting covered in mud three times and the stilt walkers. Her best bit was the jazz band and Martha's best bit was dancing to the jazz band. Zoe's best bit might have been the 30 minutes she got to look around on her own and possibly seeing Monty Don.


Got back home to discover the coffee supplies were running dangerously low and headed out in the van to replenish. On glancing to my right at the bottom of our lane I spotted a large-headed fellow standing in the dyke. Or so I thought. It was actually an election poster featuring Ian Paisley Jr, or Ian Óg as ussuns like to call him. I really, really need to get these eyes fixed.

Stranger in the Dyke


John Going Gently said...

I love that aquilegia x

Nelly said...

I should have noted the name.

Susannah said...

That sounds like a wonderful day. I have the exact same rule about perennials now! No more guilt watching plants sit around waiting to be planted when there's no more space.

Nelly said...

I bought some beautiful geraniums, quite small plants, last year and planted them in an overcrowded bed. Only one survived.

Grannymar said...

That sounded like a great day our, I called to a friend on Friday afternoon, she had been there in the morning and was just full of all that she had seen. Maybe next year I'll make it.

ganching said...

Good luck tomorrow.

I would rather see Monty Don than Ian Og.

(Should you be driving?)

Nelly said...

Do go Marie. It has something for everyone.

Yes Gan. The consultant says my other eye is fine and one eye is all that is needed. If I look sharp to the right it takes a few seconds to focus that is all.