Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Looking Forward

Some patients see very well the day after cataract surgery. Other patients see well a few days after surgery, and still others may need a full month to reach their maximum vision improvement.

I woke early this morning and removed the eye covering. Disappointment. I may as well have been looking at a white saucer with that eye. So it seems that I'm not going to be one of those who enjoy immediate improvements. But as the day progressed I noticed the mists clearing just a little and I'm hopeful that my sight will be even better tomorrow.

My eye feels as if it has been punched. That should feel better tomorrow too.

Tomorrow. Looking forward to it.


Grannymar said...

One day at a time, sweet Nelly. You WILL get there!

Nelly said...

Thanks Marie. There seemed to be no change today but within the last hour I have noticed the mist dispersing a very little.

Mage said...


Brig said...

Is it better now?

Nelly said...

Much, much better. The vision in the new lensed eye is better than it was before the cataract. It might get better yet.