Saturday, May 16, 2015

Jelly Babies

Today I ate an entire bag of Jelly Babies and they were not even the good Bassett ones – just inferior Spar Jelly Babies. I am very ashamed. According to the bag that was 180g or 7 servings. According to the complicated table on the back of the packet I consumed 'food' that amounted to 635.4 calories, roughly one third of my daily recommended intake. I was warned that the sweeties might contain Peanuts, Nuts but I did not detect any as I scoffed those babies down. Naturally sugars were the main ingredient. Water was the second (healthy) then Beef Gelatine. Oh dear! I'm sure that Beef Gelatine is what the food industry gets when it boils up cattle hooves and other horny and grimmish bits. Not very yummy sounding. More cheeringly the Babies contain Vegetable Concentrates (Nettle and Spinach) but I don't think that compensated for the boiled skin and tendons.

Spar also informs us that they help locally, raising over a million pounds for local community projects. As there are approximately 12,300 Spar stores in 34 countries this amounts to just over £80 per store. I'm not impressed.

Finally the packet states that if the consumer is not entirely satisfied with the product then it can be returned to the point of purchase without her statutory rights being affected. I shall go back tomorrow and wave the empty packet at them and complain about being forced to eat cow's toenails mixed with sugar and then demand my pound coin back but I don't think they'll be overly impressed.

So no more Jelly Babies for me. Not even Bassett Babies.


Grannymar said...

I think I will stick to dark chocolate.

Nelly said...

I think I should too.