Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Bunch of Flowers

On Friday evening I received a surprise visit (and a bunch of flowers) from a young woman I'd last seen in a courthouse nearly fifteen years ago. I'd known her since her babyhood but we'd fallen out of touch as people often do.

Her story is not mine to tell but this I'll share. She had a very difficult and troubled start in life but she also had spirit, awareness, charm and a great deal of intelligence. All that was evident even when she was a little child.

And I cannot tell you how much pleasure it gave me on Friday to see that all those qualities she had as a child are still with her - and that despite all the hardships she suffered as a little girl she has built on her gifts and grown to be a good woman and a loving mother.

Thanks for the flowers.

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Anonymous said...

it is a great achievement to keep that sense of wonder and amazement that we have when we were children. Good luck to you and your friend!

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