Friday, March 21, 2008

Matty Reads The Irish News

But she didn't get it yesterday morning. And there were none left in Antrim Tesco when we were doing the Thursday night shop.

Was it the crossword you wanted?

Och. Not really. There was a picture of the weans from Tannaghmore in it because of the amount they gathered up for Trocaire over Lent. I'd like to have seen that. Some of that money was from me y'know!

Matty loves the Irish News crossword. She especially loves the Saturday prize crossword and sends it off every week. She's been a prize winner a few times too.

On the way home I picked her up a copy of the Irish News. At home Hannah tried to pinch it for the crossword but I fended her off.

This evening I said to Matty,

Had to beat Hannah off your crossword. I told her it was your favourite thing in the paper.

Aye. It is. That and the deaths.

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Well she needs to check....