Thursday, March 20, 2008

Expert Photoshopper Needed

Matty aged ten, originally uploaded by NellyMoser.

If only I knew one.

This is me ma aged ten or so. You wouldn't want to have been picking a fight with her. She was a southpaw and knocked at least one fellow out cold in the schoolyard. There was another incident involving a young flasher and a bunch of nettles. He soon put it back in his flannel shorts. I wonder if he learned his lesson?


Anonymous said...

I'll be requiring the original or a v high resolution scan.

Nelly said...

The original is still available

Anonymous said...

I have a few old photos in that condition. Thanks for the idea to heal the cracks.

Flashing nettles! I like it.

Anonymous said...

You can contact me for restoring you photos. Please tell me what is to be done. I do it for free. You can have a look at my phooshop blogs too:

Abhinav Rastogi said...

Would be glad to help... contact me at