Monday, March 24, 2008

You Might Have Missed...

Chickens - 6, Weight lost since 02/07/07 - 44 lbs

I'm sure that most of you read blogs via Google reader or somesuch application and, consequently, don't get to see the sidebar at Nelly's. Truth be told it's been pretty static for ages but there have been a couple of changes in recent weeks.

1. After an entire winter free from the fox the last of the wee game hens is no longer to be seen and we can only assume the worst. She is no more. She is extinct. Funny how you can get six game chicks, three of which turn out to be hens and three roosters and the fox only bloody eats the hens. Maybe they're easier to catch. Who knows. Anyway Bert has finally built an escape proof run (we'll see) and Plum has only got two hens to bring in with him -the last of the broilers and the Scots Dumpy. The three Game Roosters aren't getting in - unless they fly in - which they might.

2. After an entire two months with damn all weight loss I've managed to knock off another couple of pounds. Still not starving myself - just decided to stop 'nipping and ayting' after my dinner. I still haven't got under the eleven stone mark but I'm very close. The novelty of putting on skirts which slide off my hips has abated - now instead of delight I feel slightly annoyed and think to myself 'I liked that skirt'. Clothes sizing is so erratic - you just cannot go by the size label, you have to try it on. I was looking for a Spring jacket on Saturday and was shopping in one of my favourite stores, the Oxfam Shop, and the assistant said to me, 'What size are you?' and I replied, 'I'm a size 14 in the back and a size 16 at the front,' and it's true. I wonder if my back is getting smaller because of weight loss or is it because I'm developing a dowager hump?


Anonymous said...

Well done on the weight loss!

Clothes sizing drives me mad, but then it always did!

Ronni said...

Take them in.

Nelly said...

Thanks G - R, I now you're right and there was a time I'd have done just that but I'm afraid I've let my sewing skills go - my Singer treadle has rusted and I just can't see close up any more.

Yes I know, excuses, excuses.

Ronni said...

You allowed a Singer treadle to rust?

Four extra days on the Isle of Atonement for you, young lady!

~she subsides, grumbling~