Wednesday, April 27, 2016

The Daily Photograph 15

Quick post tonight as I am tired. It was Matty's anniversary today (five years!) and I spent in a way which she would have approved. Gardening. Sowed leeks, cauliflower, French marigolds, sugar peas and kale. Planted out lettuce and a couple of stray brassicas, haven't a clue what they are. Watered everything and started weeding the garlic.

The day didn't start well with hail, snow and power cuts but it faired after lunch. Still cold. I was all layered up.

And I photographed the pigs. Kune kune means fat and round in the Maori tongue and this picture illustrates it very well. But before the animal welfare people report me, let me stress they are not quite as fat as they look - it's the camera angle.

They are coming in for what they hope will be a delicious supper. All they care about is food.


jo(e) said...

Those pigs look huge!

Brig said...

They have gotten really big!

Nelly said...

We need a picture of pigs and humans so comparisons can be made. They do look like zeppelins in that picture.