Sunday, April 17, 2016

The Daily Photograph 5

Quiet, quiet day in which I caught up with laundry, gardening and dishes. Leitrim Sister left mid-morning but not before we took a walk along the riverside path. LS was particularly delighted with the banks of wood anemone (Anemone nemorosa) which reminded us both of our childhood playing in Paddy's Field. The bluebells were beginning to show themselves but it will be a few weeks before the banks are truly blue. I took this picture of one of my favourite spring flowers, Caltha palustris - we called it kingcup. It still grows beside the little stream in Paddy's Field.

I didn't take many pictures on the walk as I had that villainous rascal Jess to mind. She likes walks and sticks and muddy puddles but doesn't like joggers, other dogs or cyclists. 

Portglenone wood anemones

Leitrim Sister left to visit our friend, who happens to be the daughter of Paddy, the previous owner of that well-remembered field, and she found her slightly improved from yesterday. All being well I'll get over to Antrim tomorrow. 

From a previous post

What's your fondest memory of childhood?

Playing in Paddy's Field near our house. Paddy's Field was actually four small meadows with a hazel wood and a good sized stream running through it. There was a wooden bridge, three cows and a little wooden gate just wide enough for a cow to pass through. The meadows hadn't been tilled in over a hundred years which meant it had every variety of wild flower. That sparked my interest in horticulture. The fields (and cows) were owned by Paddy, a great friend, who was happy to let us run wild in his fields.

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