Wednesday, September 07, 2016

And So It Begins

I was going in to town this evening to pick up Hannah and decided to change shoes. My jeans were rather shabby and my shirt unironed but I thought they might do. I was only going to Lidls after all. Off I went, ready for anything. No matter about the faded jeans and the wrinkled shirt, my shoes were shiny.

When I got home I had some chicken business to attend to for Flour the Silkie is sitting on eggs for the third time this year. I've decided to let her get on with it. I removed the original eggs and set three below her plus the one she laid this morning and moved her to another shed. Apart from feeding and watering she will be left to get on with it in peace. It is a little bit late in the year but very warm for September so it should be OK. She is in good condition and I will make sure she gets plenty of nourishing treats as the sit progresses.

When all was done I went upstairs to change beds as more guests are expected in the next few days. I was very surprised to see one of my new shiny shoes lying on the floor. Didn't I....? Then I looked down at my feet.

The bits on my shabby left foot are flecks of straw from making a cosy bed for Flour.


Brig said...

LOL, that is funny right there! I have put on mismatched socks before, but not shoes....yet.

Nelly said...

Way ahead of you Brig - on the road to decrepitude. I was checking out those huge rocks you were moving. No way could I shift those.