Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Flying Visit

Back from a flying visit to beautiful Eelburn and the people and dogs had a ball. Well - there was a ball for a while but then Dora lost it. There was this one time we'd been playing on the beach and the dogs had had their chow and the people were going out to eat when we looked back and saw this sad sight.

Left Behind. Jess and Dora

Of course we went back and took them with us.

Worst Bit. Jazzer snoring.

Best Bit. Under a quilt, lying on a sofa to escape the sound of Jazzer snoring and looking out on a skyful of stars.


Brig said...

LOL... Reminds me of going to the Ashland Shakespearean festival and sharing a room with my granny Mid and her sister... one snored and the other one whistled... both loudly.

Nelly said...

I'm hyper-sensitive to noise at sleepy-time. Thinking of investing in some silicone earplugs.