Friday, September 02, 2016

Early Riser

Up early this morning taking Hannah to work. Driving before 6 a.m. is a pleasure for there is hardly another soul about and the journey into town and back home takes about 25 minutes. I stopped at the garage in Cullybackey to pick up buttermilk for I had scones to bake, visitors expected - Bert's Aunt Lizzie and a cousin from Scotland. I spent an hour or so washing floors and other boring household tasks, baked the scones, then gazed at my chickens for recreation.

The visit was very pleasant but afterwards I was extremely tired and popped off to bed for what is known as a power nap. It was supposed to be 30 minutes but turned into an hour and a half and I awoke feeling utterly exhausted. How does Hannah do it? Recovered enough to make supper, water the vegetables and gaze at the chickens.

Then phoned Jazzer to arrange crazy, mad birthday weekend a week hence. Only Jazzer will do for crazy, old bird madness. Opened a bottle of rose petal wine (strange and potent) and watched that Game of Thrones where Hodor broke Locke's neck.

I promised to blog every day. Didn't promise that it would be interesting.

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