Monday, January 30, 2017

No Trump Here

Prevent Donald Trump from making a State Visit to the United Kingdom.

1,564,784 signatures 

Right! Too much trump-watchin', not enough bloggin'. Time to move get on with things. But before I begin can I just say that I think Mrs Theresa May is rather embarrassing. 

This petition will not prevent Trump visiting the UK. But it will let our government and his administration know that there are an awful lot of people that don't want him here. Oul' humpy Theresa won't give a damn as she's a typical thick-skinned politician but Trumplethinskin won't be too pleased. 

At least he'll bring out the crowds and he likes crowds. Although they might not be the best crowds. 

Poor Queen having to entertain him. I shouldn't be surprised if Oul' Philip actually gets on with Trump. I expect Her Majesty will try to keep them apart as much as possible as POTUS might well be a bad influence on her consort. Or maybe the other way round. 

The craic is, that Trump doesn't even want to meet Prince Charles what with the Prince being a tree-hugger and climate change believer. He doesn't want to have to listen to one of Charlie's boring lectures. Says he'd prefer to meet the young fellows. I wonder do they feel the same way? 

I cannot see the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge inviting the present President to their private apartments to meet the kids same as they did when the Obamas were over. If the Cambridges have any sense they'll take themselves off on holiday when the Trumps are due. 

And as for our own Glorious Leader - if the very embarrassing Mrs May thinks that the Trump administration gives one hoot about her plucky little country I fear she is going to be very disappointed. Yet we'll still have to watch as she fawns over the orange one. Which makes me wonder, was that vibrant little two-piece she donned to take lunch with Trump, was that in homage? 

And, to finish 1,576,620 signatures

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