Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Political Critters

My youngest daughter has tried, on more than one occasion, to ban me from talking about politics but I cannot help it for I am seriously interested and 2016 has been a particularly eventful year what with the referendum and the USA elections. I took a keen interest in both and was tremendously disheartened with the outcomes. During this time our own local politics seemed rather tedious – until now, until the RHI scandal, the arrogance and intransigence of the First Minister and the resignation of the Deputy First Minister. It appears, that once again, we are living through interesting times. Another election looms, no strange thing in this province for we are always having elections. Mrs Foster claims that it will be ‘brutal’ and I do hope that means her own party will be brutally ejected from the driving seat.

Yet I’ll not get my hopes up too high for Brexit devastated me and Trump’s win was a huge disappointment. The eventual outcome of this local crisis may be just as depressing. 

The black and white dog is strongly Conservative. She voted for Brexit. The other dog voted to Remain. Their disparate viewpoints have created a distance between them.

The tan and white dog is a Remainer. Generally, she takes a liberal view but tends to be rather anti-politics. Her friend in the foreground never votes and deplores the discussion of politics at dinner.

These two are Green Party voters who strongly support the legislation of marijuana. Grass is all they care about. 

This one has strong socialist principles and votes Sinn Fein. Would take a lump out of anyone from Fianna Fáil or Fine Gael.

Fully paid-up member of the Labour Party. Adores Jeremy.

The brown one with the pointy ears used to vote Unionist but now she's not telling. The one howling at the moon is an SDLP supporter but she's feeling disillusioned with the party.

They're far happier now that they've gone over to Sinn Fein.

So there you go, a vague post about politics… no wonder Hannah tries to change the subject and has banned all such discussion at meal times.

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