Saturday, June 18, 2005

Ashes to Ashes

Once again the conversation turns to funerals.

Bert: Well I couldn't care less what happens after I'm dead.

Nelly: Funerals are for the ones left behind. I've said to Zoe and I've said to Bert that if I should die before my mother they're to bury me with the full rites of the Catholic Church.

Marty: I wouldn't want a Catholic funeral. I'd want it religion free.

Nelly: If I die after my ma I might want to be buried here on this land.

Marty: I wouldn't want to be buried. I'd rather be cremated.

Nelly: If I'm cremated I'd like my ashes to be buried here in the garden.

Bert: Beside the dogs?

Marty: I'd like my ashes to be scattered.

Bert: In some place that you really loved?

Nelly: So Bert- we'll scatter yours in your bed then.

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