Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Just Drive

The first day I drove the car.

Cullybackey, Ballymena, Antrim - we called at a garden centre where Bert was collecting a cheque. I had a chat with one of the trainees. Her training is coming on well and she's only been there for about eight years.

Belfast - we had our first argument.

Ballygowan - Bert collected eight trays of clematis liners.

Mahee Island - a beautiful place. We promised ourselves we'd return when the weather was less wintry.

Balloo - was it here I had a huge row with Bert?

Saintfield - or was it here?

Dromore - visited a reclamation yard near here. I refused to get out of the car. Bert stomped about. I wept.

Hillsborough - got a fry somewhere near here. That helped.

Lisburn, Antrim - cried all along the A26.

Galgorm - dried my eyes.

Cullybackey - went to bed and slept for several hours. Bert woke me at seven pm for eggs and toast. Afterwards watched a programme that showed big baby owls eating whole voles while their smaller nest mates looked on enviously.

The following day I drove the van.

Cullybackey, Ballymena, Tannaghmore - where I picked up the Kerry sister and her dog.

Galgorm. Cullybackey - Kerry sister took some measurements at the new house.

Rasharkin, Ballymoney - went to the builder's office and left in a large cheque. Sorry a lie. The cheque was only 5 inches by 2.5 inches.

Coleraine, Articlave - visited reclamation yard and purchased a cast iron radiator.

Downhill, Limavady - had a late lunch and visited a wonderful bookshop. I bought The Rough Guide to Classical Music.

Garvagh, Kilrea, Portglenone, Randalstown, Tannaghmore - drank tea with Matty.

Ballymena, Cullybackey - watched owl programme again. Bill Oddie informed us that the reason barn owls hatch chicks at intervals is so that the big owl chicks can eat the little ones if voles are scarce.


Anonymous said...

Well Nelly, not only have you driven round nearly the whole of N.I. in the past 2 days but you've also become an expert on owls. I am soon to become an expert on dwarf rabbits as i'm babysitting one for a week.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nelly - that was some journey. I hope you a feeling a bit better. Imagine a big hug surfing the net towards you.

Love Daughter No 2

Nelly said...

I didn't go so far today. Just took your granny to the hearing clinic at the hospital. The first visit since which was a bit cringey. But hey - it's got to be done.