Wednesday, June 22, 2005

A Day at the Seaside

erin and her cup
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Today I went to the seaside with one of the goodest, sweetest, kindest, nicest girls in Ireland. We went to Ballycastle, Cushendall, Waterfoot and Carnlough. The mother and young brother of the goodest, sweetest etc. girl came too.

Today we learned that if we leave our own dogs at home we will meet lots of new dogs that our own dogs would not have let us be friends with if they had come with us.

Today we found out that the man who owns the ice cream shop in Carnlough knows Nelly's real name (Mary) and we do not know how this can be so.

Is he an old boyfriend that Nelly has forgotten about? We hope not.


Anonymous said...

Two possibility for the ice cream man: is he a net savvy bloke who lurks this blog? Or is he this guy?


Nelly said...

Do you know I don't think he is that guy you linked to - if he was I think he'd have looked a lot more worried.

Probably a blog lurker then - or a long forgotten swain.