Thursday, June 30, 2005

Summer Music

Girls Aloud
Originally uploaded by NellyMoser.
As everyone knows summer is the time for getting out of doors, attending some major music event and taking in some great sounds.

On Monday evening, whilst on my tea break, I was able to enjoy some summer sounds. The festival? Ballymena Mini Twelfth. The bands? No one really well known but boy could they make a noise. My quibbles? Maybe a bit samey in places. There was plenty of drum but not enough bass. Guitar bands were in short supply. The performers (and the audience) didn't really seem to be enjoying themselves. Quite honestly I've seen more jollity in the Crisis Loan queue up at the broo.

But hey - each to his own. I'm going to another one on the twelfth of July. Can't get out of it really.


Anonymous said...

does that mean yr workin the 12th of July. Are you not havin the traditional 12th day shindig at the Dreen?

Nelly said...

I'm on a late so there'll be no shindig at the Dreen this 12th.

Remember the carry on from last year's do? (Young Lothario and Mrs Banjo) It might be best to draw a veil over that particular anniversary.

We'll save our steam for the housewarming.