Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hammerite Hammerong

Pearlie: Have ye any of that black paint left ye were painting the spoutings with?

Bert: No.

Pearlie: Och. That's a pity.

Bert: Was there something you wanted me to paint for you?

Pearlie: It disnae matter.

Bert: Go on. Tell me what you wanted me to paint for you.

Pearlie: I was going to ask you tae paint my shoes for they're awful grey luckin'.

Bert: Have you ever had your shoes painted with Hammerite before?

Pearlie: No, but I thought it would have made a brave good job of them.


Anonymous said...

A Pearlie classic - God I love that woman.


Anonymous said...

Thats just what I thought too when I read what Pearlie said - she's a legend.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Man i need to meet pearlie again. The one time i did meet her, she didn't reAlly come out with any of the classic comments that i'd heard so much about. if only you could get tackie coloured paint bert'd be sorted for life.

Nelly said...

Pearlie is in great form at the moment and I think it is because she is really looking forward to having us living up beside her. So anyone coming over to visit us in the new house will have lots of Pearlie contact and many opportunities to hear her crazy views on life.