Friday, June 17, 2005

Pet Collage

This painstakingly created collage shows all the significant pets that Bert and I have had in the 19 years we've been together. Five have died, three still live with us and the two big ones have moved on. I shall name them in order of their adoption.

Row 1 features Caps, Danny and Attila. All dead.

Row 2 shows Polly, Rosie, Blaze and Bob. Rosie is still with us. The horses have been sold.

Row 3 features Harry, Molly and Paddy. Harry and Paddy are still with us, Molly has died.


Anonymous said...

Another perfect picture of danny - possibly the most photogenic mongrel ever to have walked cullybackey. I remember hearing of a 'muff cat' once?

Nelly said...

Muff may get a mention in the next post. Guilt prevents me from posting a picture of him.