Friday, June 17, 2005

A History of Cats

First there was Caps. We got her in 1997. She was put to sleep last year after suffering kidney failure.

Her Claim To Fame. An unknown person shot Caps with a pellet gun resulting in her having a front leg amputated at the shoulder. She survived this and lived happily for a few more years. She was a great favourite of Hannah.

Secondly came
Attila. Palmed off on us by kids. Caps and Attila did not get on. She was found one morning stiff and dead behind the sofa. Caps declined to comment.

Her Claim to Fame. A friend was visiting and remarked "That cat's having kittens." I replied resignedly, "I know - it's a bloody nuisance." She went on. "No. She's having kittens." I looked over and she was. My friend got the pick of the litter.

Then there was
Muff (not pictured in previous post) He was a ghastly ginger tomcat who was palmed off on to Hannah by her then boyfriend's granda. He was a thug of a cat and a dirty low-life thief.

His Claim to Fame. We took him half a mile up the road to Pearlie's. He came back. We took him to the crossroads. He came back. We took him to Lisnahuncheon. He came back. We took him to Portglenone. He came back to the houses across the road. I believe he thought we didn't like him.

Finally there is
Harry de Cat. We called him after our favourite Dutchman Harry de Kooter. Harry is a neutered tomcat. He does not answer to poofy cat calling noises like 'puss-wuss' or 'pooshy-wooshy' but only to his name.

His Claim to Fame - fighting dogs and pissing on his enemies. He is also the first cat that Bert has ever liked.


Lost Identity said...

My dad is trying to get rid of a you need another?

Nelly said...

Only if it's a Maine Coon cat!