Sunday, June 12, 2005

Geldof the Great

I seem to have forgotten to apply for a ticket for any of the Live 8 concerts. I'd really have liked to go to the London one where I hear that the Great Geldof himself may be performing. I'll never forget that wonderful night, somewhere in Belfast, sometime in the early 70s, when I saw the Boomtown Rats play live. It was a dirty ould job but somebody had to do it. My enduring memory of the night - losing my hash. Did the band make up for it? No. So if you were there and found a quarter - it was probably Nelly's.

I hear that Albarn and Geldof are at loggerheads because Albarn asserts there is a scarcity of black, African or decent music on the bill. Geldof responds by saying that he only wants big selling acts to appear. He'll not be taking the stage himself then?


Nelly said...

Just heard this evening that Katy's beau has won a pair of tickets for London. But will it make up for missing out on Glasto?

Anonymous said...

Much better than Glasto. It should be a fun day out!

Nelly said...

Umm - don't quite know how to tell you this but I seem to have accidentally offered you to Ed at -

Don't tell Mark!

PS I'm trying to fob him off with Hannah.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like arrange marriages on the internet.

Behave yourself

Love Katy