Sunday, June 12, 2005

Mad Muso Recommends

The London Sister (not Ganching) and myself were invited over to Gillian Blade's house the other evening and had a very pleasant time. Gilly's delightful Mad Muso husband was also present.

Mad Muso husband has got the sound piped to every room in the house including the downstairs lavatory. I liked that - it keeps up the continuity. Now Mad Muso has, like myself, wide ranging tastes in music but there are areas where we differ. He appears to have no place in his heart (yet) for country music or for Aftrican music. As I have no place in mine for hip-hop or jazz. The closest Mad Muso comes to country in his large music collection is Alabama 3, and they reference country music rather than play it. No bad thing that for they are very good and I followed up his recommendation by making a purchase the very next day. I like getting recommendations because I can say afterwards - X introduced me to this artist.

As is right and proper Mad Muso loves the blues, for it is from that deep well that much other music has sprung. We talked about that and I recounted my recent return to listening to Canned Heat who I first heard at the age of fifteen. That was when I first started getting seriously interested in music other than pop. But I must have been a late developer as Mad Muso had also liked Canned Heat when they first hit the airwaves in Ireland and the UK.

On hearing this I started doing mental arithmetic. If Gilly is 3 years younger than me and if Mad Muso is 8 years younger than Gilly then when Canned Heat broke here he must have been four! At four years old I was into nursery rhymes and the theme tune to Andy Pandy. Mad Muso - I bow to your superior ear.

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