Saturday, June 25, 2005

The Things They Come Out With Part 2

I went to the market this morning. Zoe and the Kerry sister came too. I bought nothing. Not even an onion, certainly not any pruck.

Kerry sister bought fish for herself and Matty. The Fish Man was a very keen salesman. She pointed to the fish she wanted. He weighed it.

FM: Is that enough for you?
KS: Aye. It's just for the two of us.
FM. For two? Do you not need more? There's only £1.40 in that.
KS: That'll be plenty. Sure me ma doesn't eat much. She'll only be wanting a wee sliver to 'taste her mouth.' Did you say £1.50?
FM: Aye.

I reckoned the 10p he did her out of was worth it for the amusement it provided me.

Kerry sister told me about this remark a neighbour made to her.

"I was just saying to our Annie that it's a blessing your Daddy died for this heat would have killed him!"

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