Friday, June 24, 2005


Recent heavy commenting at Green had me thinking that I don't feel strongly enough about anything to put banners on the blog and like Marc I'm put off by too popular trends so wouldn't entertain this charity wrist band carry-on. So I've been worrying that, compared to other blogs, this one is a bit opinion-lite

So I devised this Amusing Game to top up my opinion count. These are the rules.

  1. Grab a book, any book.
  2. Open at random.
  3. List the first five words or phrases that are suitable for opinionating on.

I grabbed Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. I opened it at the beginning of Chapter 9. I have emboldened the five words/phrases I found.

It would make more sense of Clarissa's return to tell it from her point of view. Or at least, from that point as I later construed it. She arrives up three flights of stairs, bearing five kilograms of books. And papers in her leather bag...

Sense. I have a strong opinion on sense and consider it necessary to survival. To have a lack of sense is very unfortunate indeed.

Point of view. Points of view are similar things to opinions. A point of view is worth having but I would argue that it is better not to be ramming it down other people's throats.

Three flights of stairs. Undoubtedly useful. Especially for reaching higher floors. And keeping fit.

Five kilograms of books. Well that would depend on the class of book wouldn't it? In most circumstances I'd say that five kilograms of books would be a good thing.

Leather bag. Without a doubt and with no apologies either to Stella or Sir Paul I applaud the leather bag. Leather, beef and milk are what we grow cows for. Moo!


Anonymous said...

from Yann Martel's Self - the click the erotic click that flooded my system with adrenalin took place in his office late one hot evening. After one of his rare laughs ....

EROTIC - one of my friends told me the other day that feet are the most erotic parts of our body apparently - shame I have an adverse dislike for feet

FLOODED - there seeems to be many more floods now then when I was young but maybe it just seems like that - I read a story about a family in Asia who were just reunited after the tsunami - thats 6 months but its nice that there is hope for some

OFFICE - I am of the opinion they suck but as I will probably work in one soon I must change such a notion

HOT - hot weather is advantageous to good health and makes everything seem better somehow - I must move to a hot, sunny country!

LAUGH - laughing is also linked to good health I think - we should laugh as much as possible - its also good for our faces


Nelly said...

I strongly agree wih opinions 2 & 5.
There are more floods now and that's because of hanging weather patterns.

Both offces and feet have erotic possibilities but I've never found them so.

This opinion thing is a piece of piss when you get going, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Carol Shields The Republic of Love

His hair curled around his shoulders, chestnut hair, beautiful, but his head was befuddled. With six other students, one of them a part-time drug dealer, he lived in a small illegal basement apartment in the Riverdale area of Toronto, and throughout the long winter months he slept on a shredded mattress between unwashed sheets.

Curled hair - if natural curled hair is a very wonderful thing. The fashion for young ones to have poker straight is very unfortunate and misguided.

Befuddled - the state of befuddlement is annoying and could be related to the item below. The best thing to do if you are befuddled is just see it through and hopefully you will be ok by the morning unless you are permanently befuddled in which case you won't even know that you are and will just think you are normal.

part-time drug dealer - at least it is better than a full-time drug dealer

Long winter months - can be very depressing indeed.

unwashed sheets - these are VERY BAD things and to be avoided at all times. It is scientifically proven that clean sheets aid physical and mental health, improve your sex life and make you wealthier.

Good game.


Anonymous said...

I didn't have a book handy, so I just borrowed a bit from the paper.


Nelly said...

Ganching - Good strong opinions on curled hair and unwashed sheets. Average opinions on long winter months and befuddlement.

But I felt that you were holding something back on part-time drug dealing.

Nelly said...

No one could accuse Ed of having an opinion-lite blog. I don't always agree with his opinions but I'll (get my brother to) fight anyone who says he's not entitled to them. Now what I like about Ed and his opinions (apart from the fact that they often show wisdom beyond his years) is that he doesn't ram them down people's throats. To try a taste of some heavy duty opinions go to

Anonymous said...

I shall do this when I get home, as I don't want to get started on something that I will find in the first books to hand. ( Plus, it would be geeky, and I ain't one of those.

Anonymous said...

I'm half way through enduring love just now - really like it so far. Something which i do hold an opinion on is the debate between science and religion, like in the book. I'm afraid i'm voting science...