Thursday, June 16, 2005

Into The Ether

Bert came in this afternoon after doing a clematis delivery run. It was obvious from his demeanour that he was in turmoil again. What could be wrong?

Was he worrying about his forthcoming interview with the Inland Revenue?
Had a new problem arisen with the sale of the house?
Was the van playing up?
Was he hungry?

Then he spoke and I knew it was none of these things that bothered him.

"Can you go on the internet and get me the sheet music for 'The Rocky Road To Dublin'?"

"Sure you were sitting here on this sofa two days ago with that on your lap."

"I know but it's disappeared."

"It must be around somewhere."

"I've looked everywhere. It's vanished into the ether."

Bert's belongings frequently disappear into the ether. If I lose anything it's because I am careless, daft or have 'too much crap.' However the ether, into which Bert's possessions regularly disappear, teems with his stuff including several woolly hats, many pens, scissors, penknives, the sheet music of the Rocky Road to Dublin, tin whistles and all of his 2002 business invoices.

Strangely he never loses any cash to the ether but then he is from Cullybackey


Anonymous said...

Maybe the blackhole may not be in your new house!


Nelly said...

In that case I pity Ian!

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's the Borrowers.


Nelly said...

Yeah. Maybe sheet music is the current big thing in wallpaper for Borrowers.

Anonymous said...

Now you mention it, i have seen bert searching for many things each time i've been over.

Nelly said...

...and he is very bad at searching. He doesn't understand that things can end up under other things e.g. van keys underneath woolly hat.