Wednesday, May 08, 2019

Foxgloves and Wine

In an effort to spark joy I planted some rather anaemic looking foxgloves that have been hanging around the polytunnel far too long. Feelgood will kick in if they grow and bloom and if not, I’ll have to make do, with with the thought that I have finally dealt with them.

Freezing today. The seeds that I’ve sown are making slow, slow progress. Really, I’m not enjoying the garden as much as I’d do normally.

Spoke to Leitrim Sister which was quite cheering. Unfortunately, she cannot make our long-awaited trip to Rathlin because, fortunately, she’s been hired for a long-term research post. I’ll have to make do with Bert.

My joy today has been dealing with the anaemic foxgloves and the glass of raspberry wine I am drinking and the log fire that is burning in my grate. It’s not much but will have to do.

Foxgloves of Dreams

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