Saturday, May 11, 2019


Aunt Lizzie and Bert.

It was a very fine day. Warm and sunshiney. There were a few visitors. I gave plants away and I bought some. I only meant to spend two pounds on a packet of white Cosmos seeds. My earlier sowing produced three pathetic seedlings of which only two have survived. I actually bought even more seeds, a half price pack of lily bulbs and some bedding plants which have already been potted into individual pots and will be grown on for cuttings in a few weeks time.

That is two quids worth of verbena. Very easy to propagate. I also bought petunias and fuchsia. Decades ago I did this every year. Bought bedding plants and propagated them myself. Then got out of the way of it. But I'm trying it again, if only for the sheer pleasure of watching them grow.

Cosmos 'Purity' from a previous year.

Perhaps the best thing about today was the weather, warm, bright and dry. Which was a blessed as my great-niece Miss Ava was making her First Communion. There were some lovely photographs to look at later in the day.

And a sweet message from Hannah, hanging with cats by the Med and missing her dog.

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