Thursday, May 16, 2019

Swimming Day

For me, every other Thursday is swimming day. Martha is doing a life-saving course and her Dad and I take it in turns to accompany her. I pick up the girls from the bus station. Today I had an extra job when I collected an application form for Bert's 60+ free travel pass. Imagine! Bert nearly 60 years old! When he gets it we will both be able to travel free on the bus, the train and, best of all, the Rathlin Island Ferry. Good times ahead. I bought him a backpack today so he can carry all our kit when we go off on our jaunts, He's still the younger partner, not yet in possession of the enhanced travel pass that allows free travel through the entire island of Ireland, not just the occupied six.

So, back to swimming. I get very confused in the changing rooms. Been doing this for months now and still get lost back there. The girls think it is very funny. I am humiliated by my lack of sense of direction. The thing is, I learn routes, I do not instinctively know where I am. Today Evie took me by the hand and showed me where to go. She is a sweet child. While Martha is learning important life-saving lessons I read (Toni Morrison's Jazz) and Evie has screentime on my phone. She checked out her school's website today.

I'm nearly done with Jazz. Will finish it tonight. It took a while but it got right under my skin. Finished La Belle Sauvage this morning will finish Jazz tonight. Still reading 12-14 books at a time.

Joy - spending time with grandchildren, reading. the sky.

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