Sunday, May 19, 2019

The Simple Things

Just a marigold, splashed with rain. Sometimes the simplest flowers are the most beautiful.

I never left the house or yard today. Just pottering around inside and out. Spoke to a few people on the phone. Some people whose lives are currently very hard. And some who just aren't getting it that easy.

We ate simple, uncomplicated food. Hardly any Haribo. I really must put that box back in the cupboard.

I sowed and transplanted annuals. And hoped the slugs won't get them. I found Madam Bianca's new nest.

Took the dogs out to Camp David. You'd never know there had been visitors there on Friday night. They left no trace.

Tomorrow I'm going to try out a couple of recipes from our supper out on Saturday. Yotam Olenghetti and Neven Maguire. Complicated recipes, not simple. I'm looking forward to it.


Mage said...

Ok. What is Haribo?
Glad you are looking forward to the fancier foods. Like you, I have been fixing the family dinner since I was 15, and I am burned out on cooking. If I want to eat, I have to cook.

Nelly said...

Haribo is a brand of candy that is incredibly popular in the British Isles. I buy it in £5 tubs for the grandchildren and other kids and it can last more than a month.