Saturday, May 04, 2019


What am I grateful for today? A fine day which I spent weeding. I'm always grateful for my garden even though a good part of it is wild and overgrown. The insects like it, wildlife likes it, I like it.

I have a friend who disparages gardening. She is devoted to her career and doesn't want to retire. Fair enough. However, she'll often say things like,

Oh! I'd hate to be retired. I'd hate to have nothing to occupy my time but gardening.

This annoys me. I feel as if she is putting me down. (really I should get over myself). I'll say to her, you don't have to garden when you retire. You could do anything. Work freelance, write a book, volunteer, anything.

Doesn't stop her giving off about horticulture.

Next time she does it I'm going to say,

No, you definitely shouldn't take up gardening. You're sure to be shite at it!

I really need to work on being grateful for my friends.

In the meantime, a link to our gardening successes in the year 2018.


Josephine said...

Beautiful photos Mary. Your friend is missing out.

Dermot said...

"She was sent to test you". One of Granny McCavanas many truisms.

Deirdre said...

Let's hope she doesn't take it up and she'll be the best garderer ever and come round telling you and Bert that you're doing it wrong

Nelly said...

Thanks for photo compliments cousins. You'll know, of course, that they are carefully composed to leave out the rough stuff. Dermot, the world seems to be full of testers like her. I think I may have used up my lifetime supply of patience. And Deirdre, you know exactly who I'm talking about, don't you?