Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Belling the Cat

Domestic cats kill over 275 million animals and birds per year. Harry de Cat certainly does his bit to keep up the numbers. He struck again this morning only minutes after being let out of the house. The victim was a young thrush. I won't go into the gory details as they are too disturbing. But it was alive, barely, when I rescued it. It did not survive as it was too badly maimed.

I hate Harry today.

I said to Bert,

I feel like getting rid of him.

You were keen enough to have him.

I know but Scarey Tam got me in a weak moment just after Caps died. At least Caps didn't kill anything towards the end of her days. With only the three legs and all.

I wonder what the vet would say if we brought him down and asked for one of his legs off?

She'd be shocked. But he'd need two off to stop him.

The two back ones?

He'd be able to trail himself out and kill on. We'd need his teeth out too.

And de-clawed.

He'd probably go out and punch the birds senseless then suck them to death.

What about getting two legs off on the same side? That'd stop him.

So we've decided to get him a collar with a bell on it. A really big bell about as big as his head. Made of cast iron. Or lead.


Anonymous said...

that sounds like the most reasonable answer for everyone involved, not one i would've chosen. I'm glad you coming round to seeing what cats really are...

Nelly said...

Yeah I was only saying to Bert yesterday "Hey you'll never guess Bert. Mikey actually hates cats."

Anonymous said...

So, last weel it ws kicking the cat. This week it's putting a bell on it. This sort of behaviour can only be good.


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