Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Walking on the Twelfth

Rosie and I 'walked' today. We walked down the Granagh Road past the hen factory and back up again. We did not wear sashes. She wore a red lead, I wore a matching red top and some red and orange striped pyjama bottoms.

We did not bring any music with us for we were surrounded by (a sort of) music. Just past the hen factory we could hear the Orange bands at Galgorm, Ahoghill and Cullybackey.

When I got back home Bert was playing 'Give Me Your Hand' on his whistle. It was the best tune I'd heard all morning. Frankie must have interpreted it as 'Give Me Your Paw' because he started to sing along then Rosie came in with her doggy soprano. It was still the best music I'd heard all day.


David Todd said...

It would've been a bit of a shock if as you walked down the road you noticed a banner " make dog walking history" and the road had been blocked by a sit down protest against dog walking. Of course there has to be a really annoying woman at the protest shouting "this is a peacefull protest"
Maybe all dog walkers can dream and hope someday they could be this fortunate.
Thank God Orangemen don't have a traditional "piss stop" as do dogs.

Anonymous said...

I've seen plenty of piss stops on Orangemen marches be they traditional or not.

ganching said...

Try again. I wonder how many steps the orangemen do on a typical march. I did over 40,000 on Sunday.

Lost Identity said...

Who are the orangemen?

Lost Identity said...

I've found the answer to my own question in today's news on Yahoo:

"Protestants from the Orange Order hold marches across Northern Ireland every year to commemorate the victory of Protestant King William of Orange over James II's Catholics in Ireland in 1690.

About 1,000 Protestants took part in marches across Northern Ireland throughout the day.

Roman Catholics, who mostly favour the reunification of Northern Ireland with the Irish Republic, say the marches are provocative and outdated."

Does that sum it up, or am I still missing a main point?

Nelly said...

Damme! And I was looking forward to explaining to you what orangemen are. Where did you source your info? It is true - up to a point. Nowadays a lot of protestants might also agree that the marches are 'outdated and provocative'.

I certainly enjoyed watching the parade yesterday evening - but in a mocking, anthropological sort of way. Watch out for my photos.

Lost Identity said...

Due to some riots, it was in my news headlines. I read my news on Yahoo!

I'd love to hear your version of who they are.

Nelly said...

Yeah. It got a bit rough in places - specially Belfast. Contrary to popular belief there are more sides to the story than two and that includes 1690. But that's serious history that would take proper investigation. And hardly anyone taking part in the rioting or marching knows proper history. I'll have to do a proper post on this one.

The parade I watched was fairly relaxed and easygoing but that was to do wit where I was watching it. The part of town I work in is predominantly Loyalist and there would be no opposition to it. However further up the town where there be Nationalists it can sometimes be a bit heavier.

In Belfast and Derry where there be lots of Nationalists the Riot Squad might need to be deployed. It's not all ancient history and funny hats y'know.