Sunday, July 10, 2005

Francis Joseph Banjo

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Today it is scorchio. I arrived home from work this afternoon all hot and bothered to be greeted by Bert thus,
"Bad news or good news?"
Oh give me the bad. Get it over with.
"They're off scunging again. I just couldn't keep them in. I knew they were planning it because they were whispering to each other."

"You know. Nudging each other. Eye contact. Nuzzling."

Oh. What's the good news then?
"Fridge is full of wine."
So first things first. Coffee. A read of the Sundays. A sit in the sun. Consoled myself with the thought that this being such a Presbyterian area the local Johnny Farmers are not going to get the shotgun out on the Sabbath. So the scunging devil dogs are likely to return safely.

So I took Frankie out for a two mile walk. He was ever so good. Afterwards I was still hot but a lot less bothered. We listened to PJ Harvey.

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