Saturday, July 16, 2005

More Babelfish

Maybe it's just me but these Babelfish translations are cracking me up. Here's part of a previous post Deutched then returned to English again.

Frankie is a very short dog. Its small legs are only approximately four tariff long. Consequently, if it is gone through long grass, you are impacts along, as if it is on springs. This maintains much, in order to watch out. Now approximately two-third of the way is in Berts baby wood little discharge or sheugh *. Frankie is a dog of the very small brain there and normally falls in sheugh. This evening it jumped over it on the outgoing journey however misses it on the return and fell inside. When I received back, I suggested to Bert that he Frankie surplus catch a run take should, before he keeps too intelligent to sheugh. Bert took it more rueber and reported on a very satisfying result. "it fell inside. Twice!"

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